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This is a testimonial by Mr Arnaldo Pattumelli, Training Manager of I.R.I. (Italy's "Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale" or "Institute for Industrial Reconstruction"), on the work carried out by Mr Torquil Erikson for the language training of the executive staff of the Institute between 1982 and 1992. At that time, Italian government holdings in industry, of which I.R.I. was the largest vehicle (its President was Romano Prodi, who subsequently became Italy's Prime Minister and then President of the European Commission), owned about half of Italy's large industries, and I.R.I. alone had nearly 500,000 employeed in the companies it controlled. Mr Erikson's professional activities were then absorbed by Independent English in 1999, and he remains to this day in charge of Independent English's work in Italy.

"As from the 1980s the processes of economic globalisation that were affecting Europe drove major industrial corporations to renew and to improve their presence on the international scene.

I.R.I.(Italy's "Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale" or "Institute for Industrial Reconstruction"), the second largest industrial group in Europe, operating in telecommunications, mechanical industry, ship-building, air transport, banking, ecc., initiated a project to perfect its managerial skills at the highest level and at the same time the language skills of its Top Management, by using the know-how of language professionals operating in Rome.

These professionals were given the task of providing personalised language-training plans, to include parts to be effected in-house, and parts to be carried out abroad at the best English schools in English-speaking countries.

For this second aspect I.R.I.'s training department, co-ordinated by Mr Arnaldo Pattumelli, made use of the consultancy services of Mr Torquil Erikson [now director of Independent English in Italy], who has been described by the Italian economic-financial daily paper "Italia Oggi", as "Pioneer in Language Training Consultancy”. Mr Erikson planned personalised programmes for many of I.R.I.'s Top Management staff to update and perfect their knowledge of English which, over time, were revealed to be extremely efficacious"

Arnaldo Pattumelli
(After retiring from I.R.I. Mr Pattumelli was granted the high honour of the title "Cavaliere" by the President of the Italian Republic, and he was also elected Mayor of his city, Orte in Northern Lazio.)

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